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Board Meeting Minutes


July 17, 2011
Attendance: Darren Edwards, Heather Fuqua, Justin Galloway, David Hartig, Jon Held, Angela Hess, Abby McGuire, William Morton, Jesse Dhein, and Joel Zwink.
Location: Angela’s backyard. Meeting called to order at:  5:55pm
  • Sponsorship. Darren is still working on Tony Corbell-Nik. Ramon is working to get stuff from Delkin.  David Hartig will call Photoquote and Blinkbid to see if they will sponsor an event. For Raffle Prizes we have free admissions, maybe gift certificates to massage/facials. (Darren)
  • Education.  Casie wants to take over this so we voted to add her to the board.
  • Communication. Epson projector.  William has to follow up again.  We need dates on the website.  We need to retweet each other's tweets. (William)
  • Postcards. Are on hold. No budget.
  • Membership. One new member.  The comment cards are great and we will keep doing them. (Angela)
  • Magazine Photographers to profile: the student winner, Andy, and William.  Then next issue Joel.  Behind the scenes with Nick Naca.  We should list ASMP LA’s events.  And promo our social media.  We should put the winners from the fair in our newsletter. Justin will follow up to get images. (Abby)
  • Treasurer.  Our last event was in the black ($300).  We have $3000 for the rest of the year, no more voucher money.  The Chase account is closed.  (Justin)
  • Photo Contest.  We got 39 entries last month.    This month’s theme is Your Environment.  Must be taken within 300 feet of where you live. (Joel)
  • Programs (Jon)
    • July 28th-- Todd Joyce pricing. Darren and Jesse are running it.  Justin’s on chairs.  Abby registration.
    • August—Underwater event 18th and 20th.  Location: Maybe the zoo or Photo District.  Joel is running it.
    • September 15th—Production of a Job. Chris Lapp. Riverdale Studio.
    • October 3rd—Colleen Wainwright maybe at City College.
    • November 9th—Post Production with Eddie Tapp.
    • December—Industry Christmas Party.
    • February hands on boot camp.
    • Chase Jarvis—Jesse will work with APA to see if we can get him to San Diego.
New Business:
  • NYC Photo Expo. If you are going let Darren know since they are trying to arrange housing.
  • Kevin Young - the photographer who broke his neck in a freak accident in Mission Bay.  We should promote the events that are already happening for him, art auction, movie night.  We should put out a bucket at our new few meetings.  We should blast our email list.  We could see if he has any shoots lined up in the next few months and volunteer to shoot them for him. (William)
Next board meeting August 11th, 6pm (Darren)
Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.


June 5, 2011


Attendance: Jenna Close, Darren Edwards, Heather Fuqua, Justin Galloway, David Hartig, Jon Held, Angela Hess, Abby McGuire, William Morton, Ramón Purcell, and Joel Zwink.
Location: Mr. Peabody’s, Encinitas

  • Meeting called to order at: 6:10pm
  • Next board meeting July 17th, 6pm, maybe a barbeque. (Darren)
  • Sponsorship. Still no new sponsors. Darren and Ramon need to talk in a few days about this. (Darren)
  • Education. Nothing to do till the fall semester. Everything is lined up. (Ramon)
  • Communication. Epson projector. William is still waiting. William is on top of advertising. The entire board need to post something on their FB and twitter accounts in the next two weeks about the upcoming meetings. We really need to have the promos ready by the meeting prior to hand out at the meeting. (William)
  • Postcards. We discussed about whether or not it was worth it to do the postcards. Darren will contact David. Jenna will lead the project.
  • Membership. Comment cards are printed and ready. When attendees check in they will be given a comment card. For the raffle they will have to turn in the comment card. We have 5 new members. (Angela)
  • Magazine Photographers to profile: the student winner and William. Then next issue Joel. Behind the scenes with Nick Naca. William will create a FB gallery for behind the scenes that all ASMP SD can post to. We need an email blast to announce it.
  • Treasurer. Our last event was in the red. New bank accounts are almost all switched over. We just need to sign to close the old one. We should try to scale back board expenses. We should try to keep speaker fees to $500.
  • Board retreat—on hold.
  • Photo Contest. We got quite a few entries this month. Next month’s theme is Your Environment. Must be taken within 300 feet of where you live. There was a lot of talk about doing an art show social. Maybe charging a small fee to enter and then printing the images and hanging them. We could possibly see if Georges would print for us at a discount since they are our sponsor.
  • SD County Fair—We’ve pledged two awards. Darren will contact Georgette about picking the winners.
  • Socials: are important to build community in the chapter. Maybe a baseball game.
  • New Business: Video person is Angela. We should try to get clips at events to put on our FB and youtube pages. T Shirts. Would be really cool. We don’t know the exact expense. William and Angela are supposed to research it.
  • Programs (Jon)
    • June 9th Steve Whitaker. Riverdale Studios.
    • June 16th Ramon.
    • July 28th-- Todd Joyce pricing.
    • August—Underwater event? Mike Torrey with MOPA.
    • September 15th—Production of a Job. Chris Lapp.
    • October—Colleen Wainwright
    • November 9th—Post Production with Eddie Tapp.
    • December—Industry Christmas Party.
    • February hands on boot camp.
    • Chase Jarvis—Jesse will work with APA to see if we can get him to San Diego.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33pm.


April 11, 2011


Attendance: Beau Blackburn, Jenna Close, Jesse Dhein, Darren Edwards, Heather Fuqua, Justin Galloway, David Hartig, Jon Held, Angela Hess, Abby McGuire, William Morton, Ramón Purcell, and Joel Zwink.
Location: The Lincoln Room

  • Meeting called to order at: 4:15pm
  • Opening remarks (Darren)
  • Next board meeting May 1st. (Darren)
  • Sponsorship. Tony Corbell-Nik. Free admission to future ASMP events. (Darren)
  • Projector. Epson projector. William is looking into it.
  • Education. Continuing to Grossmont. (Ramon)
  • Communication. Access to all sites with Holly. All communication via William Facebook.
  • Postcards are continuing. Still deciding who we will send them to.
  • Membership. Angela Hess is now the membership chair. Justin is taking over as Treasurer since Beau is leaving. We have 6 new members (4 students, 1 emerging, 1 associate). 46 members were dropped on 4/11/11.
  • Newsletter and magazine are going well.
  • Treasurer. We have about 1000 in the bank.
  • Board retreat—camping this summer.
  • SD County Fair—We’ve pledged two awards. Darren will contact Georgette about picking the winners.
  • Programs (Jon)
    • April 19th Art Strieber is booked.
    • May 18th Anatomy of a job.* If they register for all of them they will get a discount. Define Your Vision with Amanda and AA.
    • June 9th Steve Whitaker
    • July-- Todd Joyce pricing.
    • August—Underwater event? Mike Torrey with MOPA.
    • September—Production of a Job.
    • October—Portfolio Review.
    • November—Post Production with Eddie Tapp.
    • December—Industry Christmas Party.
    • January—Inspirational—Coleen Wainwright? Jan Kinghorn?
    • Chase Jarvis—Jesse will work with APA to see if we can get him to San Diego.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.


March 6, 2011


Attendance: Justin Galloway, Kevin Lock, David Hartig, Shawn Henry, Ramón Purcell, Darren Edwards, Joel Zwink, Jenna Close, Jon Held, Heather Fuqua, Abby McGuire, William Morton, and Jesse Dhein.
Location: Mona Lisa, 2061 India Street

  • Meeting called to order at: 7pm
  • Opening remarks (Darren)
    • Board meetings will now be scheduled the first Sunday of every month. Venues to be announced. (Darren)
    • Name tags at meetings we should use colors to designate board members, general members, students and guests. (Darren)
  • Sponsorship (Darren)
    • Darren suggested that we find out what projector we want and then approach that manufacturer to give it to us and become one of our sponsors. William will research projectors.
    • New sponsors to approach: Delkin, Nik software. Ramon and Darren will approach Nik.
    • Sound equipment that we need was also discussed.
  • Education (Ramon)
    • We would like to have Jay join the board in a new position called Student Liason where he would be in charge of networking with all the schools.
    • Ramon has a 30 minute presentation that he’s taking to the schools to recruit new members and help networking with the schools.
    • Joel suggested having a meeting at City College.
  • Communication (Darren)
    • We need to run all communication through William so that everything is more streamlined. We need to get William as an administrator on the Facebook page.
    • We would like all members to post on the Facebook page what they are shooting and to generate more conversation on our page.
  • FAP (Darren)
    We discussed whether or not postcards are worth the cost. We won’t know the impact until we try it and even then the success of the campaign will be difficult to quantify because the success of FAP will be more work for individuals. But the cost is minimal about $300 for 350 postcards and postage. The decision was yes to move forward with printing the postcards. David will get the list of local agencies from AdBase. David will get the cards printed.
  • Secretary, Heather is now the secretary.
  • Membership (Justin)
    • We don’t know if we have any new members from the Lighting Bootcamp due to the delay in the processing. But we do have 1 new member since last week and one new general member (Jesse Dhein). We have 60 members about to drop (this happens every year when people forget to pay their dues. The board is going to do a phone tree. Justin is going to email out calling assignments. The board has until next Friday to complete the calls.
    • Darren wants to do a survey. Abby will create it.
    • Survey to existing members. We discussed how to go about this. We could do it online, but it is difficult to get people to complete the surveys. We could do a button in the newsletter. We could offer free drinks for people that complete them.
  • Newsletter and magazine (Abby)
    • Ideas for the next issue: behind the scenes with a photographer, maybe a short video as well. New in Town, New General Member. Photo contest.
    • Encourage Facebook activity.
  • Treasurer. We have about 2000 in the bank. The bank will change within 6 weeks.
  • Board retreat—sailing we should do it in the next two months. Board members should pay for it.
  • Programs (Jon)
    • March 23 next meeting. We need to get RSVPs, need write up for the website, need to email people who have come to our last few meetings. Ramon is following up with the venue about showing their work. Survey to new members, they will need to fill it out to get a drink.
    • April 19th Art Strieber is booked.
    • May Anatomy of a job.
    • June Portfolio Review
    • Chase Jarvis—Jesse will work with APA to see if we can get him to San Diego.
  • New business
    • Ramon wants to do baseball night socials.
    • Jesse motions to change so that General Members can be listed on the assistants list. Jon motioned to table it till next meeting. Darren seconded it.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.



January 8, 2012

Sponsorship –  Who is going to pick up raffle prizes from now on from Georges?  Georges, free    admissions?   Nik.  Delkin,  Think Tank. Need sponsor chair for 2012.

Communication -Nik banner.  Posters out early.  Photo meet up postings. Newsletter and Magazine – Ideas for next month for Holly. Make sure to note sign up for D-65, ideas for next year, new board members.

Elections – What needs to be done, who’s running for what?

Treasurer – New Year budget.  Total after Christmas Party.

Programs-Photo Contest? National contest this year? – Need someone to run it.
Photo Buzz   When, where and what?
APA Smack down Social? Need new venues.  Ideas?
2012-  New year, new techniques – CGI, video, hands on boot camp, portfolio review, reps, d65 with Seth Resnick, time lapse, any other ideas?
January  Walt Jone  CGI?  January 18th?  What else needs to be done and who’s doing it?
February  Hands on Boot camp.   Speed Mentor, Shoot out Social?  Art Brewer? Social Media Guy?
March  Jim Devitale  Date, time, location, what else needs to be done.
April -  Glen Allison Travel Photographer  First two weeks of April  I will check in with him this week.
May  - Video Production  - Gear
June   d-65 and or Seth Resnick  Will get back in touch with them!
July – Video - Shooting
August – Video – Editing
September – Time lapse, Hands on BC
October – Cinemagraph
November – PORTFOLIO REVIEW – Start thinking of reviewers, I will contact.
December – Xmas
Extra ideas?   Social Media Panel Guy – Amanda Sosa Stone  Mantoani?

Meeting Closed


 March 4, 2012  

Leucadia Pizza University Ctiy
Attendance: Darren, Angela, William, Jon, Serena, Andy, Abby, and Jesse

Hearts Apart: Ross
    Portrait Project for military couples/families with a deployed spouse.
    Looking for San Diego photographers- wants to reach out.
        Newsletter content for Holly and Facebook
    Bring up at next event, potentially host BIG event

Sponsorship: Prizes needed. Justin or Andy can pick up at Georges. email William the list of goodies.
Education: Need to keep it going, Angela and Andy work together
    Tim Tadder looking for intern

Membership: Up to 154. Need fresh blood for the board! Branch out to other members.

Newsletter: William will reach out to Holly.

Magazine: Serena's got great ideas and is moving forward with it.

Elections: Done. We're all set. Angela made Vice President.

Treasurer: March covered. April should make us money.

Photo Buzz: Last Wednesday 28th, Need loose topic and better location. Basic Pizza?

Programs: Posters for Devitale and Art Brewer up! Also on Photo meet up.
    Table for meet and greet at Devitale?
    Kettner Daylight Studios closing- need to find other venues.
    Use a larger restaurant? People buy their own food and drink? Phil's BBQ  @ Sports Arena?
    PPA uses Holiday Inn- $100 for room.
    Devitale is set! 530 meet up to set up!
    April- Art Brewer is set to go.
    May- Tim Mantoani, May 9th. New venue needed. Maybe at Tims?
    June- Seth Resnick will be in town anyway, but Canon won't sponsor. Check with Canon if
        they're ok with him talking.
    Ideas: Local Photographers- personal projects. Low cost!
        Blake Discher- just did LA, but well attended.
        Time lapse photography workshop
        Contract Language/Pricing
    D-65- $1000 in April in LA.



Next meeting: 4/1/12


April 4, 2012    
Leucadia Pizza  University City.  Called to order 5:12 pm.
Attending:       Darren Edwards (Pres),
            Jon Held (Programs Co-Chair and acting secretary),  
            William Morton (Communications and Webmaster),  
            Serena Lissey  (Magazine Editor),  
            Kevin Lock (National Board),  
            Shawn Henry (National Board)

Abby McGuire retires from the board.   Jon Held appointed pro-tem secretary.
Darren suggests “ We need new board members”.   The Board is directed to search in that regard.
Decision to allow Georges Camera Employees to get free admission to events. Allowed
Please present Holly with ideas for the newsletter.
Serena seeks for greater Board input regarding material for the Magazine.   
Jim DiVitale event income and loss:
Raffle    200 .00
Dinner    -50
Total Income of $150
William proposes printed cards for events.  500 cards to distribute in advance.  
In regards to PhotoBuzz,   we elect to continue attempts at making it successful.
April - Art Brewer event:  Bird Surf Shack April 26th
May - Tim Mantoani - need venue - May 9th
June - Blake Discher - ASMP National program - May 31st.  Need to confirm.
July - Month off?  Social with APA?
August - Video?  Darren will contact Gail Mooney and Stuart Cohen.
Sept / Oct - Time Lapse?, Hands on boot camp?
November - Portfolio Review
December - Christmas
We need more event venues and event ideas.  

Next Board Meeting Sunday May 6th  Leucadia Pizza



May 20, 2012  

1pm        Leucadia Pizza    University City
Attending:       Darren Edwards (Pres)
            Jon Held (Programs Co-Chair and acting secretary)
            William Morton (Communications and Webmaster)
            Andy Wilhelm (Programs Co-Chair)
            Justin Galloway ( Treas)
            Kevin Lock (National Board)
            Angela Hess ( Vice President)  (one hour late )
            Jenna Close (National Board)

minutes from previous meeting read (quickly and unintelligibly)
combine constant contact email blasts so we don’t send so many
Art Brewer event numbers:  ($516 pre-registration  plus $75 the night of the bird event.  Bird’s income must be added to this and then divided 3 ways to determine ASMP income.) Bird’s income unknown a this time.
$1300 in account minus $300 (approx) owed to Art Brewer in the 3 way split.
don’t send so many constant contacts.    don’t schedule so close to the other programs.
Blake Discher program may 31
 Shootout in July!!!!! Kevin will contact Fred Greaves
July event?   Cheyenne L Rouse (scottsdaleas)  suggested by Angela?
September: Tim Mantoani and Sean Arbabi
PORTFOLIO REVIEW        possible date.   November 10 tentative
    Venue?    Nick Nacca?  or City College
    Get Reviewers.  Ad people.   Sport people.  editorial.  San Diego magazine. gallery people.      architects people.   professional shooters?  Other magazines.  consultants. representatives.  a     lively discussion ensued over who to get as reviewers

Other Program ideas:    Pro workshop,   technical lectures,   speed mentoring,   big names

Next meeting june 10th Leucadia Pizza University City



JUNE 10 201

At the home of Darren Edwards
Attendant:       Darren Edwards  (Pres)
            Jon Held    (Programs Co-Chair, pro-tem secretary)
            Andy Wilhelm (Programs Co-Chair)
            William Morton (Communications, Webmaster)
            Angela Hess  (Vice Pres)

Discussion regarding the next chapter president.
We need more people to run the necessary Chapter functions.  They may or may not be Board members. William suggests an assistant to each board position  as prep for future positions.


No June program
july Shoot Out    wednesday thd 24th   Fred confirmed    Preferably the same date as photo buzz.
aug  Ed Masterson    speaker fee?           
sept Mantoani and Arbabi               
oct  Nic Filters streaming online
nov  Portfolio Review       
dec  Christmas Party
jan   Nick Vidros   
feb  clark dever        can it be at MOPA?    Ask for grant from National ASMP Board           
Tony Amat wants to organise assistant bootcamp.   split revenues 40/40/20.  This event ran too long last year. We need to advertise this as a PHOTO MONKEY and ASMP collaboration. We did not give Photo Monkey enough credit and visibility last time. 
Angela says she is gone for June so can’t run photo buzz.     wants to do the assistants boot camp.
William suggests we include in the Boot Camp event  3 different lighting scenarios with 3 different kinds of light packs etc.  at 3 different sets. each set has a model and the photographers rotate through from set to set.
William reiterates  plan to have 3 business programs, 3 inspirational programs, 2 members only programs in a given year.
2012  Suggested assignment of duties if
Sponsorship -  Darren
Membership - Angela
Education - ?
Programs -?

Meeting closed.


September 9th  2012  

6pm    Leucadia Pizza
Attending:   Darren Edwards (Pres)
          Andy Wilhelm (Programs)
         William Morton (Communications, Webmaster)
         Justin Galloway (treasurer),
          Angela Hess (Vice Pres)
         Stacy Bryant.

need to think about structure of next years board.
get stuff for raffles from georges and nik.   for the oct 19th program
Darren:   how to provide content.  include content on Susan Carr.  Serena is AOL for Magazine.
By the way, Jim Bergeron assembles the newsletter.  We need to find an interviewee.   Stacy Bryant is interested in providing for the newsletter, interviewing a photog for the next newsletter.
Put out a newsletter in early Oct.  to include the Susan Carr Bio and Obit.  Stacy should talk to Jenna about this.
around $1300 in the account as of next week.
PhotoBuzz this month?      have it at Urban in North Park  26th Sept?
19th   webinar NIK.
We need to attract more people to the NIK webinar event.   advertise the raffle and food in the next constant contact email.  Also include promo for the Mantoani, Photobuzz and Nik events
How to get Thomas Werner out here for the review?   Cost is a problem.
Mantoani prices $10 ASMP members  $10 students $15 APA   $20 all else.
Get this info to Newsletter.
Shall there be an extra student discount for Montoani’s group?  No.
Backup venue if Mantoani has too many attendants?  (currently at Mantoani’s studio)
Andy to get Mantoani info for CC from ASMP website (William has posted it, man is he on it.).
Inquiry:  have we ever set up a booth at the beginning of classes at schools?  William says no.
Proposed:  an event for General Members only so they can become familiar with each other and to be on the same page in regards to sponsoring new members. It can be a time for them to express their opinions.   A State of the Union meeting and discussion.
We need to secure chairs and food for the NIK event.
Darren to get Sean Arbabi at airport.  
Discussion about City College:   since they want their students to get in free and that they want a part of our proceeds we are choosing to limit the use of their facility to free events or Canon Explorers of Light.
Portfolio Review  November 10
List of possible reviewers to contact.  
KC Alfred (sports, UT),  John Mc Dunna  (sports illustrated), Someone from Zuma Press, Lon Atkinson, Someone from MOPA
 No need to get anyone from San Diego Home and Garden,  they use the same 2 photographers all the time. Darren:  need 10 reviewers or it is a bust.   Jon and Darren will contact potential reviewers.
Possible fee for review?  $100 for non members, $65 for members?
The Portfolio Review.  How it all goes down:
doors open at 8am  event runs from 9-11  and 11:30-1pm      11 or so reviews per person.
The first to register have priority for the sign-up sheets at the event.  Sign-up starts 8:30.
 we need a venue.    contact Nacca for this.   or we could do it at Grossmont College
Christmas Party December 7th   combined with PPSDC      Venue????  their venue?
Date and Venue for Vedros.    City College.    Or the Zoo.
Next Board meeting Oct 7,  Leucadia



November 4,  2012    5:00pm       

Leucadia Pizza    University City
Attendant: Darren Edwards (Pres)
        Jon Held (Secretary Pro-Tem)
        William Morton (Communications, Webmaster)
        Stacy Bryant
        Andy Wilhelm  (Programs)
Guest ASMP member: David Crewe  (Also PPSDC member)
David Crewe is appointed to the Board.  Unanimous vote.
Get raffle stuff from sponsors for the Nick Vedros event.
Christmas Party date December 15th
David suggests Aaron Nace an a Program  on creative portraiture. (and Dean Bradshaw and Andy Schwartzkey)
Photo Buzz is out for the month
Getting ready for the November Portfolio Review
Next meeting December 2nd 2012 Leucadia Pizza


December 2, 2012    5:00 pm       

Leucadia Pizza  University City
Attending:        Darren Edwards (Pres)
            Andy Wilhelm (Programs)
            David Crowe
            Jon Held (secretary pro-tem)
            Justin Galloway (Treasurer)
            Jesse Dhein
            William Morton (Communications, Webmaster
            Angela Hess (VP)
Visitors:        Oliver Henry PPSDC
            Jenna Close (National Board member)
Board Members who wish to run in 2012: William Morton, David Crowe, Jon Held, Justin Galloway, Andy Wilhelm, Angela Hess, Darren Edwards, Jesse Dhein
Positions available and needed:  President, VP, Secretary,  Treasurer, Programs, Communications and Membership, Sponsorship
Oliver offers that PPSDC will front $500 for a combined Christmas Party.   Estimating 30 folks.  Also offered to help with publicity. Discussion ensues regarding venue and date.  Proposed to be at 3rd Space on Dec 15th 6pm to 10 pm,  set up at 4pm.  ASMP will pay $600 for space rental (a 6 month license to use the space).
Vote on allocating $600 for rental of 3rd Space and $500 (plus matching $500 from PPSDC).
Approved unanimously.
Invite sponsors
William reads the Event Brite survey he did on the Portfolio Review.  Seems it was generally successful and should be reprised.  Darren suggests it become an annual November event. Darren offers to organize the Portfolio Review in 2013.
Next meeting   January 6th Leucadia Pizza

January 6, 2012      6:00 pm        

Leucadia Pizza  University City
Attending:        Darren Edwards (Pres)
            Andy Wilhelm (Programs)
            David Crowe
            Jon Held (secretary pro-tem)
            Justin Galloway (Treasurer)
            William Morton (Communications, Webmaster)
            Kevin Lock (National Board Member)

Current Board Members should seek member candidates.
$2350 cash in our account
Justin resolves the paypal issue.
April 27-28
get promo cards together, organize table and staffing.
January- Nick Vedros City College
February-Clark Dever.  Get the word out
April 11 thursday    Price Negotiation Workshop Bill Cramer.
Ideas for new events?    Speed Mentoring? Categories:  Sports, Photo Journalism, Product, Architectural, Editorial, Remote Aerial, Fashion, Corporate Portraiture.  Head Shots, Events,
VP typically handles elections.   
Long discussion ensues on election protocol.
Next meeting  Feb 10th  5pm  Leucadia pizza


February 03, 2013
Leucadia Pizza, University Pizza   7:40pm
Attending:       Darren Edwards (Pres)
                       William Morton ( Communications, Webmaster)
                       Justin Galloway (Treasurer)
                       Jon Held (secretary pro-tem)
                       David Crewe 
       Visiting    Austin Trigg

William presented the new structure for the ASMP Board for the new year.
The concept is for there shall be Directors (Board Members if possible) who will oversee various committees as needed.  The committees (Programs, Social Media, Education etc.) will perform the work. The Director will not chair the committee however the Director will be ultimately be responsible for the focus and output of the committee.
If a Committee item is to be included in the Board Agenda, the Director must submit it to the President a day prior to the Board Meeting.
We now have 10 volunteers who will be assigned positions at the next board meeting.
William has the names.
Here is a suggestion for Directors and committees needed:
    Magazine (2 persons)
    Communications  Social Media (4 persons)
    Programs  (3 persons)
             food drink
            guest co-ordination
            locating programs and venues
Photo West will give us a booth.  April 27-28  we need volunteers to staff it.
Will we do County Fair ASMP Award Photography?   $250
William presented the “ASMP guide to the Board”  authored by Kimberly Blom-Roemer.  Suggested we use it. He also proposes to create a postcard to promote ASMP to local businesses.
William makes motion that the 7 nominees who responded to the call for nomination for Board get accepted as the new Board for 2013.  Motion seconded.  Passed. The new board for 2013 is the following:
William Morton
Justin Galloway
Jon Held
David Crewe
Andy Wilhelm
Angela Hess
Austin Trigg
Justin will take care of swag for Dever event
Feb 28 Clark Dever.   Progressing well.
March.  nothing as yet.
April.   set schedule for Bill Cramer.
William proposes standardization of postcards and posters for all events.
re-iterates   mix of business, technical, informational, social programs
Programs suggested for future:
    Aaron Nace
    Time-lapse program. Rich Reid
    GoPro Program?
$1717 in account  plus $340 prints sold at Vedros (minus expenses following the Vedros event).
Next meeting February 25th  Leucadia Pizza




February 24, 2013  (our second meeting in Feb)
Leucadia Pizza, University Pizza   7:00pm
Attending:       Darren Edwards (Pres)
            William Morton ( Communications, Webmaster)
            Justin Galloway (Treasurer)
            Jon Held (secretary pro-tem)
            Austin Trigg
            Angela Hess
                            Jenna Close National Board
    Visiting    Ron Sheehan
    Visiting    Holly Nelson
    Visiting    Jerry Chen

Darren- Opening Remarks.  Darren’s steps down, thanked by all
Vote to confirm the sole 7 nominees as the executive board.  Unanimous. We are now official.  
William welcomes Austin as new Board Member
Intro of each member and description of their jobs:
William Morton - President
David Crewe - Vice President
Jon Held - Secretary
Justin Galloway - Treasurer. 
Angela Hess - Communications Chair
Andy Wilhelm - Programs Chair
Austin Trigg -  Membership Director 

no program since last meeting, no gain or loss.

February- Clark Dever   has a small pre-registration, around 30,    We need to spread the word.  
March-  Holly Nelson    21st or 28th.   third space?   How to shoot for Photoshop.
April-  Bill Cramer   
April 27-28    Photo West     
April-  Jimmy Colton?  April 21 to 24th  Hall of Champions as venue?
May 9th  11th  Rich Reed     time lapse workshop      lecture thurs night 4 hours,  Sat workshop.
    $100 per person for workshop,  limited to 10 or 12.    ($500 for thursday lecture)
November-  Portfolio Review 
Future-  Photosafari shootout,   large percentage of attendees from photo meetup groups

    •    Magazine – needed ASAP!
    •    Newsletter – Should go out first week of month, 1-2 days after Board mtg.
    •    Social Media – Facebook daily, Twitter at least every other day, Everyone should share posts with their networks.

Ron Sheehan to be Education Director

Austin Trigg takes over Membership Director position from Angela Hess

Drive to get more sponsors. 
Tether Tools is a new sponsor
Nelson Photo is interested in relationship with us.  Possible interest from Giant Photo.

Jerry Chen offers to volunteer for various duties including Photo West Booth.

Next meeting.  March 24th   6pm  Leucadia Pizza UTC


March 24, 2013
Leucadia Pizza, University City   6:00pm
Attending:       William Morton ( Communications, Webmaster)
            Justin Galloway (Treasurer)
            Jon Held (secretary pro-tem)
            Austin Trigg (Membership)
            David Crewe
            Darren Edwards   
    Visiting    Frances Reilly
    Visiting    Albertine and Cort  (looking to get involved)

March 28:        Holly Nelson- Shooting for Photoshop    3rd Space.
April 11:           Bill Cramer- Real World Pricing   Grossmont College
April 21:           Jimmy Colton-Sports Photography
April 27-28:     Photo Video West -  volunteers?
                 Sunday  David.  Frances
            Saturday  Darren.  Albertine (9-1)
May 9 and 11:  Rich Reid- Timelapse Photography

current # of members     146
new - 4    drops - 36

Magazine- Albertine and Frances have volunteered.  We need Content. Goal is to publish first week of each month.

Next meeting ?

June 2, 2013
Leucadia Pizza, University City  6:00 pm

Attending:            William Morton   (Pres
                David Crewe      (Vice Pres)
                Jon Held         (Sec)
                Ron Sheehan    (Education Director)
                Darren Edwards

President’s Opening Remarks (William)
William expresses desire to remove inactive board members

Secretary Report (Jon)
    •    Review of minutes from last Board meeting. Motion to approve.

Treasurer’s Report  
    •    Current Balance: $4289
    •    Outstanding debts: $691
    •    Outstanding receivables: $846
    •    Last event profit/loss:  $23 Time Lapse
    •    Voucher funds have been exhausted for the year

Programs Report (David)
    •    June 6: Photo Safari Shootout in Old Town
    •    July   Pixels and Pints???

Membership Report
        Current # of members:  134 (+2)
        Members in danger of being dropped need to be called.  Jon volunteers.
Communications Report (Angela)
    •    Magazine – No progress
    •    Newsletter – Must go out Tuesday!

New Business
    Jon motions that at the next meeting we hold a vote to remove inactive board members.
    David seconds.  motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Closed  7:25 pm


July 7  2013  6:37 pm
Leucadia Pizza

Attending:   William Morton
                       Jon Held
                       David Crewe
                       Jerry Chen
                       Justin Galloway
                       Angela Hess
                       Ron Sheehan

Current balance  $3984
Outstanding Debts $0
Outstanding Receivables $0
Last Event profit/loss  -$161 Time Lapse,   $43 Shoot Out
Voucher Funds exhausted for the year

July 25 Pixels and Pints  @ Basic Pizza

Current members 134  no change)
Several new members to greet.
Need to call recently dropped members

Discussion on removal of lapsing Board Members
Due to circumstances no action needed to be taken.

VOTE: David makes motion to approve budget of $150 for purchase of magazine template from Dealba Design to be used for the online magazine.  Jerry seconds.  Vote is Unanimous.

VOTE: Jerry Appointed to Board as Director   Justin makes motion and Jon seconds.  Vote unanimous.

Austin Trigg (Membership director) has resigned from the Board.
Jerry takes over Communications Chair
We opt to deliver flowers for Wade Courtney, chapter member  who lost a daughter in an auto crash.
Call for prices for ASMP promo postcards.  Ten reasons to join ASMP.



September 8 2013

Leucadia Pizza, University City 6:42 pm

Attending:  William Morton
                  Jon Held
                  Andy Wilhelm
                  Jerry Chen


Current Balance:  $3709
Outstanding debts: $0  Outstanding receivables: $0

Result of  Presidents survey in August.
Potential programs listed by order of interest:
     Pro Shooting Workshop
     Copyright lecture
     Studio Lighting
     Photoshop Retouching

Board reviews new template for online magazine



October 6 2013

Leucadia Pizza, University City 5:15 pm

Attending:  William Morton
                  Jon Held
                  Ron Sheehan
                  Jerry Chen
                  Angela Hess
                  David Crewe
                  Darren Edwards

Current Balance:  $3249

PROGRAMS REPORT (David and Jerry)
Oct 19th: The Art and Business of Time Lapse Photography @ City College
Portfolio review rescheduled
November: trying to schedule Dennis Dunbar
Dec: Holiday party
Jan: Portfolio review prep program with Agency Access
Feb: Portfolio review.  Grossmont confirmed.
March: Vincent Versace

136 members

Magazine: received files, building content
Newsletter: sent this week
Hootsuite: social media posts and updates are going well

William spoke to Marv Sloben's class at City College on 9/18.  Good Q&A.  Added one new student member as a result.




November 2013

December 1 2013


Leucadia Pizza, University City 6:15 pm

Attending:  William Morton
                  Jon Held
                  Angela Hess
                  Andy Willhelm
                  Darren Edwards                


Current Balance:  $3108  (Pending: $825)

Dennis Dunbar program had net loss of around $150

Dec: Holiday party confirmed for San Diego Photo District

145 members  (39/46/16/28)

Newsletter: needs to go out this week

Non-quorum vote to approve $1500 budget for Amanda Sosa Stone
Unanimous In Favor



January 2014


February 9 2014

Leucadia Pizza, University City

Attending:  William Morton


Current Balance:  $1537  (Pending: $825)

Jan 23 - Agency Access progoam @ Atkinson Studios
             cost $1000, 44 attending, $936.80 in sales

Feb 22 - Portfolio review at Grossmont college.   15 registered thus far

151 members  (39/47/19/31)